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A legal career isn't a ladder, it's a trail. You can stay the course, or explore. If you're looking to explore, let's talk.

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I focus on biglaw lateral moves - it's where supply meets demand. I also help companies hire in-house talent, and I help lawyers move into the top legal boutiques.My approach is consultative. I'm here to listen and help you identify your goals and values. As a patent litigator, I'm trained to make the complex simple and advocate for my clients.I place nationally in all practice areas and seniorities. If I can't help you make a move, I can make the right introduction or get you in the right direction.


I practiced as a patent litigator at Goodwin and Polsinelli. My goal is to be the recruiter I wanted when I practiced. Someone who:1. knows where the opportunities are
2. has long-standing relationships, and
3. and is someone who models transparency.
I live in the Greater Chicago area with my wife and son.I share stories and insights on LinkedIn. I run newsletters for thousands of lawyers, including Pani Cooler.


If you're curious about your options, or if you need help making a placement, I'm here to help.

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